Cinema Spark

Mobile App Prototype | Case Study | 2021

CinemaSpark is a mobile app prototype that provides specific recommendations according to user preferences and interests. I designed the prototype during the Google UX Specialization course on Coursera.

Project Duration

2 months

My Role

UX Designer

My Responsibilities

Ideating, user research, visual design, wireframing, prototyping

The Problem

Due to their profit-first approach, movie theatre apps do not offer personal recommendations to their users. Moreover, they also deprive users of receiving comprehensive information about movies.

The Solution

Cinema Spark adopts a user-first approach to ensure a pleasant movie-going experience, with reliable recommendations and sufficient information on movies being prioritized features.


User research

I conducted interviews to understand the needs and challenges of potential users. The questionnaire focused on user experiences, expectations, and behaviours. The results of the initial research formed the design process.


Sometimes, frequent movie-goers spend more time than they would prefer selecting a movie to watch at the theatre.


Some participants have expressed a desire for a personalized list of movie recommendations.


Movie trailer apps usually provide only basic information about movies.


Small font sizes can make reading difficult for older people with eye-related problems.

User personas

"Movie ratings are frequently unreliable, and I would appreciate receiving regular movie recommendations instead."

The Design Process


Scenario: A movie trailer app that provides users with movie recommendations that are currently screening in their local theatres.

Big picture storyboard
Close-up Storyboard

Information architecture

Paper wireframes

Based on the user research, I designed the home page with a personal recommendation list placed prominently in the visual hierarchy. In addition, I deliberately used easily recognizable account sections and movie posters as dominant elements.

Digital wireframes

Low-fidelity prototype


Usability studies

Study Type

Unmoderated usability study


Czech Republic, remote


5 participants (3 female, 2 male)

Age range: 18-53


2 rounds

10-20 minutes each

Round 1 findings

  • Users have expressed a desire for more clear visual cues.
  • Many users find the navigation drawer to be confusing and difficult to use.
  • Users need improved language support. 

Round 2 findings

  • Some users have difficulties finding the "add to a list" function. 
  • Users would benefit from a disclaimer after clicking the "buy ticket" button. 
  • Most users find the filter list inconsistent with the app's visual design.

The Solution


High-Fidelity Prototype


"Cinema Spark is simple and easy to use. I like that there aren't unnecessary details.“ – Participant A

Going Forward

What I learned:

Next steps: