Pomodoro Timer & ToDo Planner

Mobile Application | Published | 2022

The Pomodoro Timer & ToDo Planner is an app designed to aid in time management and focus while working or studying. I've combined the Pomodoro timer with agile project management principles to create a unique productivity app. Users can efficiently manage their tasks and increase their productivity with this app.

Project Duration

6 months

My Role

UX Designer

My Responsibilities

Ideating, user research, visual design, wireframing, prototyping, usability testing, publishing, monitoring data

The Problem

The Pomodoro technique is an effective way to manage time. It has the potential to complement Agile project management methods. However, there are not many apps available on the Android market that effectively combine these two approaches.

The Solution

The Pomodoro Timer & ToDo Planner is an application that offers both a timer function and project/task management features. It empowers users to manage their time, create projects, plan tasks, and track their progress towards achieving their goals.


User research

I conducted phone interviews with potential users to understand their needs and preferences. Additionally, I researched existing Pomodoro app reviews to identify common frustrations experienced by my target user group. During this process, several findings were revealed:

In-app Experience

Users find advertisements and in-app purchase pop-ups to be distracting and inconvenient. 


Users have a low tolerance for functionality issues, such as alarms not working on time or statistics displaying inaccurate information.


People who require a timer while working also need additional planning features to help them manage their time more effectively.

Visual Design

Potential users tend to be attracted to simple, visually appealing designs.

User personas

"I have the desire to change the way I am living my life."

     -  Vega Giménez

Competitive audit

The Design Process

Information architecture

Paper wireframes

My initial focus was determining how to present the information within the app. Once I had created the Information Architecture (IA) diagram, I continued to work on designing the main screens.


Usability studies

I defined my primary user tester group and tested the app multiple times during the process, from paper wireframes to digital prototypes. 

Study Type

Unmoderated, explorative usability study


Czech Republic (remote)


7 participants (4 female, 3 male)

Age range: 20-35

Visual Design

Users want to see a more modern approach in terms of visual design. During the beginning of the design process, the app seemed traditional to them.

User Flow

There were gaps in some user flows. After usability studies, I added some shortcuts to create a smooth user experience.


Some users mentioned there wasn't a clear hierarchy between components, so they sometimes couldn't focus.


There were functionality issues which disturbed the user experience. I checked every problem and handed them over to the software engineer.

The Solution

The design system

User flows

Flow #1 - Start Pomodoro

Flow #2 - Add a new task

Planning, Analysis, and Insights

Project management is an essential component of the app. Users can create daily and weekly plans and track project deadlines. The app counts and organizes every Pomodoro session by time, task, and project. Additionally, it provides valuable insights to facilitate a better review of data.


The application is simple and well-designed. I found everything easily I was looking for as if I'd designed it.” – Participant E

Going Forward

What I learned:

Next steps: